An ikebana arrangement made up of two vases

Today I made an arrangement that required using two vases. I picked up this nice pair at the San Francisco Flower Mart. I like the organic structure and lifelike quality to the slump!

I decided to use the smaller vase more minimally. This feels like the first arrangement I’ve made where I try to make the flowers more expressive and maybe a bit of a departure from their natural state. For example, I used a soegi-dome fixture in the smaller vase, and attached a small stem to make it look like the long branch that connects the two vases is floating on top of the smaller vase (even though its jammed in there!).

My textbook reads:

Try to use two or more containers to make an arrangement.

The containers can be chosen and coordinated as wished. Various combinations are possible such as using containers of the same shape, different materials or different colors, etc. You also need to arrange the placement of the containers such as putting them side by side or one in front of the other. At the same time, choose the materials and think out the overall composition with these containers. Try to pursue some unique extension of the space or the originality of the overall appearance depending on the combination of two or more containers.