Yesterday I made a ka-bu-wa-ke arrangement.

ka-bu-wa-ke arrangement

The description from my text book reads,

Make an arrangement with two or more Kenzans in a container for Moribana. The key points of this lesson is to pay attention to the space between Kabu, or groups, which are composed on their respective Kenzans.

In Variation No.5 style, you have already learned the composition of arranging the main stems on separate Kenzans in a container. The subject of this lesson which is “Ka-bu-wa-ke” is not about placing the main stems on separate Kenzans.

The Kenzans can be placed in any separated positions. Unlike Variation No.5 style, they can be placed parallel or symmetrically. It is important to create space with artistic tension between separate Kabu. Keep it in mind to show the water, yet Kenzans must be neatly covered by the materials.

The tips of the materials can either be crossing or apart.