horizontal arrangement

Today I created a horizontal composition. The description from my textbook reads,

Compose an arrangement which extended horizontally.

The arrangement can be extended both right and left, or only to one side horizontally. There is no particular rule as to the ratio between the vertical length and the horizontal width for the arrangement; the only requirement is to have an overall horizontal composition. In this lesson, you can arrange either Moribana or Nageire.

Remember that the arrangement may not be balanced if too many materials are clumped on one side. Use “Tate-no-soegi-dome,” “Jumonji-dome,” or “Jika-dome” to fix the materials securely in Nageire.

This lesson, as well as “Vertical Composition”, will give you a good chance to observe the plants carefully and discover the characteristics.

In Moribana, do not forget to finish the base part neatly so that the Kenzan is not shown.